BMW 220d defines sheer driving pleasure

The 2 Series has been a car that is known for agility, street cred and style all in one. I have had a stint in the 218i Gran Coupe a few years back, which I adored and fast forward to 2022, I think I feel the same.

On the inside

I love BMW to the core – they are a brand that have managed to get the perfect balance between driving dynamics, comfort, and functionality. Upon stepping into the 2 Series, I was quite overwhelmed by its small size. Do not get me wrong, I know it is a coupe. It took me a day or two to adjust to the tiny cabin but after that, I got accustomed to it. The interior is what you would expect from a BMW, super functional, quality leather and soft-touch materials all round. The 2 Series comes standard with the 10.25-inch infotainment system with Apple Carplay and Android Auto capability and a 12.3-inch digital cluster. BMW’s iDrive is the best I have ever encountered, as its intuitive and super seamless to use. CarPlay in this car was horrendous, as it cut and glitched all the time, one thing I have experienced in many BMWs. The seats are highly sporty that sit low, so rear passengers might have a problem. (I had someone sit with his legs across the rear seats as my driving position did not allow him to sit normally). The boot space is great, a decent 390 litre capacity allowed me to carry all my bits and bobs easily – I am a messy driver. The seats can also fold down. Other notable features in the interior include ambient lighting, multifunction leather steering wheel and three-zone climate control. My test unit did not have an aftermarket sound system however, the standard one is quite excellent. Notable safety features include brake assist, ABS with EBD and ESC (Electronic Stability Control)


With regards to exterior looks, which is subjective. I frowned upon it when it first arrived at my doorstep, yet I warmed up to it, but still, I do not think it is nicer than its predecessor. I  It did take some while getting used to, nonetheless. The grille does have flaps that automatically opens when the car needs cooling, and with them being closed, this helps with aerodynamics. The rear design is the nicest for me, its quite unorthodox and striking.

Driving experience

The 220d slots above the entry level 220i, and the former has a 2.0l turbodiesel engine that produces 140kW/400Nm. It does 0-100km in a claimed seven seconds. Now, the drive in this thing left my heart insanely happy. The 8-speed ZF gearbox is such a charm! The power to weight ratio allows the car to be extremely nimble and agile, power retention is great and it just zips through city and highway driving. It might not be the M240i or the beastly M2, but I can guarantee you a fun and enthralling drive. The commute to run my errands was so enjoyable each time I stepped into the car. It is a small thing that packs a lot of punch and really does embody the sheer driving pleasure that BMW aims to offer. Ride quality and handling is amazing, so I can confidently say that you will not go wrong with the 220d Coupe’. My fuel consumption, however, was abysmal. I did about 8l/100km and spent R800 on diesel during my test week. I could not understand this, as I was not driving like a maniac on the roads.

The 2 Series is perfect for those who are single with no children, and want something different, fun to drive and has a lovely boot space. I liked the car for its uniformity and driving experience. It is really something lovely to have. I am thoroughly impressed with the was it carried itself on the road, that sweet and pleasurable driving experience is one thing I will never forget.

The 2 Series range starts from R771 900 and goes all the way up to R 1 062 420 for the M240i xDrive.

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