Launched: Continental’s New SportContact7

Continental has launched their new SportContact7 locally and me and other media colleagues had the chance to experience this at Zwartkops Raceway in Pretoria. The tyre is designed to give optimum performance on both wet and dry roads, and encompasses three new technical aspects, namely an adaptive tread design, size-specific tread design to enhance driving pleasure, and their BlackChilli rubber compound, exclusive to Continental, which is there to enhance grip on the road.

The premise of the day was to show us the vast difference between a tyre of this calibre and a budget tyre. In these trying times, many South Africans opt for cheaper tyres, little do they know that not only does it affect driving dynamics, but it could also be very dangerous. We did a skidpan run in the C63s’, with both types of tyres fitted to each vehicle. I spun like a madman in the budget tyres. The SportContact7’s, however, gave me maximum grip and allowed me to tackle the wet surface as seamlessly as possible.

Move over to the lap run, that is where the tyre stood out for me. The amount of stability it has on corners and the slalom made the experience interesting and I had a crazy adrenalin rush after all of that. I then had a drag stint in the CLA45 with both types of tyres fitted, and once again, I spun in the budget tyres (Don’t worry, we had instructors with us in the car). But, enough of my high-speed endeavours on a controlled area. Back to the tyre.

This tyre aims to redefine the standards of performance, improving handling, cornering stability and it is suited for every vehicle class. The adaptive tread design improves the aforementioned including safety, even at high speed. The main objective of tyre threads is to move water away and prevent aquaplaning (when there is water build-up between the tyre and road). Hence checking your tyres as often as possible might be a tedious task, but it could save your life. The SportContact7 being suitable for every terrain, be it road or track, is an amazing thing. Its best for sporty compact vehicles to supercars, performance sedans and tuned vehicles. It has already been chosen as the standard tyre for the Maserati Levante and Quattroporte. Other notable fitments include RS models from Audi, Volkswagen Golf R and M performance vehicles from BMW to name a few.

Ultimately, do not compromise on tyres. Its always best to shop for a bargain but ensure that you are buying quality tyres from reputable outlets. I had a phenomenal time with the Continental team, and I know this tyre will appeal to many petrolheads and enthusiasts.

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