Mercedes Benz C220d review

A car with an unsullied reputation, especially locally. The aspirational entry to premium, opulence, and exclusivity. The C-Class has been a favourite over the years, with its various iterations still seen on our roads. I had run in the C220d Avantgarde, let me tell you all about it.

When the W206-generation C-Class was released, I was stunned. Dubbed the ‘baby S-Class,’ I initially thought it was that. I was immediately taken aback by the styling and exterior enhancements made to this model, its absolutely stunning. Probably the best looking in its segment, for me. I mean, the G20 3-Series is beautiful too, but that encompasses more dynamic and sporty looks. This is premium – this is elegance. Furthermore, the C-Class is locally produced in East London.


I was secretly hoping to get the AMG-Line, but I was given the Avantgarde trim, which retails at around R911k. add an odd R50k to that, you will get the AMG-Line. So, with the exterior, the gold colour was striking and beautiful, but I did not like that 5-spoke rim. Looked like a propeller. It sits on 18-inch wheels, has LED headlamps, and looks the part.

On the inside

The interior is a breath of fresh air. I equated it to landing in Cape Town (my favourite place, by the way), you just feel rejuvenated when in this car. I was intimidated by the iPad-like infotainment system screen in the middle, but eventually I felt like some top-exec when using it. Cannot entirely explain the feeling, felt upmarket. The hazards button being so low on the screen is quite disappointing. With regards to the interior feel, it is okay. It was a step up from the plastic’s I have experienced in the GLB and GLA, but the 3 Series interior feels significantly better to touch and tinker with. The premium feel is there, but the touch is not quite there yet. The C220d is insanely comfortable, suspension smoothens out the bumps amazingly, so it does drive incredibly well and you will enjoy any journey you take with this car. The steering wheel was tricky to use for me, it is all confusing and this is not the first time I experience some discomfort with a Mercedes Benz steering wheel. In terms of practicality, it is great. I throw things around in cars, I need to be able to throw my bag in the boot or behind the passenger seat with a lot of ease.

The drive

One thing that will be a great selling point for this car is the fact that you can get a whopping 1000+km from this diesel tank. I capped it at about 1138km. The C220d uses a 2.0l turbodiesel that produces 147kw/400Nm. I was averaging about 5.0l/100km, which is mind blowing for a car of its calibre. It uses a 48V mild hybrid system, so basically means when you put your foot down, it can give you more kick and torque, and when you are cruising, it recovers energy. It uses a 9-speed automatic transmission that is quick in changing giving you a better driving experience. The C220d carries itself well, overtakes like a charm and just handles perfectly. When it comes to the drive, it is faultless. Noise insulation is amazing, has an airy cabin feel and like I said earlier, it is incredibly comfortable to sit in and drive.


Ultimately, the C-Class is perfect for those who what an executive sedan and to stray away from the SUV-craze. I do, however think the BMW 3-Series is the sportier, functional, and fun vehicle. At my current age, I could get away with a 3-Series but in the C-Class I felt as though I was in my parents’ car. Maybe I needed the AMG-line rather! The C-Class is very grown, very mature but it is a gem of a vehicle. It may be an R1 million car, but it is somewhat justified. It is a good car. I would recommend it, especially for that regal, opulent and elegant element is gives off.

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