Isuzu D-Max LS is a capable workhorse

I love myself a good bakkie, and the Isuzu is nothing short of that. At first glance, I was taken aback by that bright, striking Pull Me Over Red colour, but I seemingly enjoyed it, and the stares I got whilst in traffic. It must be a sight seeing a small-framed girl in such a large vehicle.

Food for thought

Speaking of which, it is refreshing seeing women in these kinds of vehicles because we are always confined or perceived to only be in small SUV’s hatchbacks or sedans. There is a new wave of women going into more bigger vehicles, a segment that was, and probably still is dominated by men. The rise of women in farming, mining and construction has given rise to them being able to get into these vehicles, and since we have an array of products to choose from, it is quite nice to see.

Being a woman in the motoring space is tough, as many brands will still see you as the target market for smaller cars. Whenever I get a bakkie on test, I thoroughly get excited because it is really fun learning about them and reviewing them. I know SUV’s like the back of my hand and can quickly recommend one to you, but as I have been progressing, I can now also share some options regarding bakkies. I truly am of the belief that women can drive these cars without feeling any kind of way. I can attest to the safety aspect of things, as we all know these vehicles are susceptible to theft, so that is also one thing to be weary of. Crime in this country is really high and hijackings are rife, and with all the safety courses I have done regarding this, I still believe more work should be done from the cops’ side. We are constantly programmed to look over our shoulders and be super cautious and that is no way to live.

The car

The D-Max is a capable vehicle, as it is comfortable and handles off-road terrain seamlessly. It is powered by a 1.9l turbodiesel engine that produces 110kW/350Nm. The bakkie is a little peculiar for me, as on road the power retention is shaky, but off road is where it belongs. I can commend it on its quiet cabin in terms of noise insulation and its comfort levels, though. The ride height is also nice, I think that is one thing I enjoy most about bakkies. Being able to have a clear view of traffic is mighty cool.

The fuel economy is absolutely amazing, I received it with 960km’s of range and managed to push it up to 1065km as I was driving through the city and highways most of the time. I did not have to refuel during my time with it. I do, however wish the interior was less industrial, but I can forgive it as it is made up of decent quality materials, albeit it looks really dates. One is quite used to keyless entry and getting a manual test unit paired with a conventional key fob was really different, but somewhat lovely. There is not much to go on about regarding this bakkie, it is a workhorse and it sticks to that mandate really nicely. Priced from R520 800, I think its a good and affordable entry into the bakkie segment. I would recommend having it for projects, site visits etc. It is decent for daily driving, but I think it is more at home when given a task to be a workhorse.

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