Mercedes Benz C200 or C220d – Which should you buy?

I have driven the Mercedes C-Class in all its various trims and engine offerings, and I can honestly say that this is the best premium sedan one can get their hands on right now. Many factors attribute to this, it has undeniable presence, drives quietly and beautifully and just feels like a very robust car to be in. Now, which engine should you get? Both are equipped with a 48V mild hybrid, so a serene and frugal drive is guaranteed.

The C200 is powered by a 1.5l turbocharged petrol engine mated to a 48V mild hybrid motor, and churns out 165Kw/300Nm, mated to a 9 speed automatic gearbox. The drive is relaxing, the car handles itself gracefully and tries its utmost best to smoothen out bumps, yet sometimes, you do feel it when you’re on roads laden with dips and potholes. We all like to toggle through different drive modes to see how the car fares but with this one, Comfort and Eco are all you need. I tried Sport and Sport+ mode yet I felt I was sort of disrespecting the nature of the car. Mercedes claims a fuel consumption of 7.3l/100Km and I did about 8.1l, yet managed to extract a decent 800km on a full tank. On arrival, I got the car sitting at 638Km range. I think my foot is starting to get lighter on the pedal, thanks to these fuel prices. The MBUX system has become a favorite as I have become accustomed to it, the resolution and graphics are crystal clear and the system in general is very prompt and responsive.

The downside to this new C-Class is the firm ride and lackluster interior materials. Indicator knobs feel very flimsy, there is a frustrating plastic panel by your legs under the steering and the touch-haptic buttons really do take the fun out of the car, conventional buttons are much easier to use. The 11.9inch infotainment system screen also leaves some fingerprints, making the car look untidy.

So, all of that aside, which should you buy? The base price for the C200 AMG line is a whopping R911 280, and the C220 AMG Line comes in at R1 008 749. The best option here is the C220d as one gets almost 1200km of range on a full tank and more torque (440Nm), which is all that you need. One can opt for the Avantagarde trim but it is an eyesore. As a package the C-Class is well crafted and compared to its direct rivals, Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series, it is the most premium one of the whole lot.

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  1. Owethu says:

    Lovely review Reba. I found it really insightful.
    Stunning photography too.

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