Review: Volkswagen Polo Sedan

Every person is looking for a practical and affordable car these days and with interest in SUV’s rising quite rapidly, it is good to see that the sedan is still something we see and experience. The Polo Sedan initially was a sight for sore eyes but after a while, I found it to be intriguing.

The Polo sedan is an absolutely gorgeous vehicle to look at, albeit many people on the socials dubbed it an Uber. The Wild Cherry Red hue that my test unit was finished in really looked the part, and I commend how distinct the Polo Sedan is from the hatchback. The sedan will obviously have a more executive and elegant demeanor, and I think Volkswagen managed to encompass those traits well onto this car.

On the interior, I was completely distraught when I saw the beige cloth on the seats. Who would have thought? It looked very odd, making such a beautiful vehicle look dated on the inside. It reminded me of a 1985 Toyota Cressida, all that was missing was a doily on the dashboard. I also worried about how much dirt would stick onto the seats – especially if you have kids or haul people frequently. You do have an option of getting the seats in grey so for your sanity – tick that box instead. The infotainment system is admirable, easy to use and looks very good. Volkswagen’s interior materials have had me raising my eyebrows for quite some time to the point where I have gotten used to it. The Polo sedan is phenomenal when it comes to space, the boot capacity is 521l, which means you can throw almost anything in there. I would fully recommend this car for people who travel a lot or a large family, one will need all the space they can get for their luggage and other miscellaneous things.

The drive is honestly impeccable; I always sing the praises of Volkswagens 5 speed manual gearbox. It is so smooth to handle and paired to the 1.6l engine, it’s a very enthusiastic drive. The engine produces 81Kw and 152Nm, which are decent power figures. I will also add that the car is really comfortable to be in, handles the highway driving very well.

The vehicle rivals the Toyota Corolla Quest and Honda Ballade, and I think it is a worthy contender in this segment. It is overall a good car to have, and for me it really does not have the meter taxi aesthetic to it. Priced from R332 400, it is priced well for what you are getting. This is much like the Vivo, fuel efficient, lovely gearbox and is really a no fuss no frill type of car. If you do want to relive the days of our roads being laden with sedans, this is the chap you should look into.

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