2024 Land Rover Range Rover Carmel Edition

By: Blessing Mkhabela

Range Rover returns to exclusive modern luxury location in Monterey with limited 2024 Range Rover SV Carmel Edition. The Range Rover has been producing SUV’s of choice for the wealthy and celebrities elites for decades. This model is all about class, luxury, modern tech and comfort, even though it pampers its passengers like a luxury car it still offers off-road capability. Its unique exterior and interior treatments are surprisingly subtle, starting with the white imbued with glass flakes to create a glistening effect and the 23-inch wheels with white inserts.

There’s leather trim inside with a two-tone finish combining cream and burgundy hues. JLR said the
design was inspired by the warm beaches of Monterey. The interior puts a set of Perlino-colored
seats in front, Deep Garnet seats in the rear, both stitched with Carmel Edition embroidery. Between them, the four-seat SV Signature Suite cabin stretches the centre console front to rear, the back-seaters enjoying an electronically deployable club table and refrigerator as standard kit. The coastal inspiration continues through the integration of Cream Ash Burr veneer, gloss white ceramic touchpoints and Pearl Oyster carpet. SV Bespoke Carmel Edition-embroidered cushions and branded illuminated treadplates also provide consistent elements found only on Range Rover SV Carmel Editions.

Seven SV Carmel Editions will be produced and it is available exclusively as a Long Wheelbase model with the four-seat SV Signature Suite cabin. A portion of the proceeds from each vehicle will be donated to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.
Range Rover House also provided the backdrop for the global debut of the Range Rover Sport SV
EDITION ONE, showcasing the new performance flagship to more than 1,000 clients in seven
locations: Dubai, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Miami, London, Cheshire and Los Angeles. With all vehicles
reserved by invitation only ahead of its global reveal in May, clients had the opportunity to finalise
their Range Rover Sport SV EDITION ONE specification and learn more about its world-first
technologies while being fully immersed in Range Rover’s reductive and modern design philosophy.

Range Rover House will return to France at Le Royal Monceau Raffles, open from mid-September.

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